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What is IN[SCI]TE?

IN[SCI]TE is an interdisciplinary Science, Technology, and Engineering conference based in University of Cambridge.
IN[SCI]TE is run by undergrads, and the talks will be both delivered by and aimed at undergrads.
Now in its third year IN[SCI]TE will be held during the Lent term

What does IN[SCI]TE do?

  1. Broaden the scientific knowledge of the undergraduates outside of their field of study, which becomes narrower and narrower throughout university.
  2. Give undergraduates the opportunity to attend; and the opportunity and resources to give a talk at a scientific conference.
  3. Introduce undergraduate scientists to existing interdisciplinary research projects and give them ideas and inspiration to come up with ideas of their own.
  4. Inform undergraduates on possible career paths within the scientific and technological community - both in academia and industry.

What will the talks be like?

Our student speakers are from all disciplines of science, they will talk about a project, internship, or piece of independent science research they've done, which will be presented at a level which allows students from other disciplines to easily understand. All of our speakers are given a presentation skills workshop by the careers service to ensure they are well equipped to give a talk.

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