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Our last conference, held in 2017:

Our 2017 team

President & Cofounder: Andy Davies
Treasurer & Cofounder: Reaal Khalil
Secretary: Zoë Clark
Head of Logistics: Martin Edwards
Head of Sponsorship: Hannah Wilson
IT Officer and Student Speakers Officer: Lewis Gaul
Head of Marketing: Ana Sotirova

Keynote Speakers

Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith FRS

Chris Llewellyn Smith is currently Director of Energy Research, Oxford University and a Visiting Professor in the Oxford Physics Department.

He was Director of UKAEA Culham (2003-2008), with responsibility for the UK's fusion programme and for operation of the Joint European Torus (JET), Provost and President of University College London (1999-2002), Director General of CERN (1994-1998), and Chairman of Oxford Physics (1987-1992).

He was Chairman of the Council of the world fusion project ITER (2007-09), the Consultative Committee for Euratom on Fusion (2003-09), the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (2002-04), and the CERN Scientific Policy Committee (1990-92), and has served as a Vice President of the Royal Society (2008-10) and on numerous other national and international advisory committees, including the UK Prime Minister's Advisory Committee on Science and Technology (1989-92).

Dr Sonia Trigueros

Sonia Trigueros’ group focuses on the design of novel nano drug and gene delivery system to target specific cell. She is also developing new nanomedicines to tackle bacterial antibiotic resistance problem.

She has a PhD in molecular biology from IBMB-CSIC and Universidad de Barcelona. After her postdoctoral research fellowships at Harvard and Oxford Universities, Trigueros was a research visitor to several academic institutions including NIH-Washington and Havana University. She is currently an Associated Researcher at the Zoology Department and Academic visitor at the Physics Department and Former Co-director of the Oxford Martin Institute of Nanomedicine at University of Oxford.

Undergraduate Speakers

Undergraduate students from Oxford University will be giving accessible talks on something they're passionate about.
These talks form the main part of the conference, and they're what IN[SCI]TE's all about.


Day 1 Tuesday April 18th
Welcome Talk

Keynote Speaker - Professor Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS

Can Future Energy Needs be Met Sustainably?

James Russell

Curing travel sickness with software

Workshop - Oxford 3D Printing Society


Alistair Swallow

Fractals, dimensions and infinity

Stephanie Lovell-Read

Drugging the epigenome: the therapeutic potential of bromodomain ligands

Ana Sotirova

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Benjamin Singer

Eigenworms: The Mathematical Study of Animal Behaviour

Dafydd Jones

Will main group chemistry help save the world?

Nina Faure Beaulieu

Microplastics: not a micro-problem!

Joshua Sauer

Changing the future landscape of medicine

Julia Dawson

What level of insight do stroke survivors have about their cognitive deficits?

Day 2 Wednesday April 19th
Welcome Talk

Patrick Taylor

The Science and Art of Porcelain

Daniya Aynetdinova

Methods and challenges of Synthetic Organic Chemistry – designing a new approach to (-)-Sparteine

Alexandros Adamoulas

Should we continue with bioprospecting?

Charig Yang

Crystal Growing: where Art meets Science

Leander Thiele

A short derivation of Hawking radiation

Lauren Enright

A mathematical insight into virus evolution

TPP Sponsor Talk

Software Development in the healthcare industry

Workshop - Virtual Reality at the Radcliffe Science Library


Keynote Speaker - Dr Sonia Trigueros

NanoBioMedicine: Current Technology, Challenges and Future Directions